We are a team of scientists, designers and writers who explore the world through data and showcase our findings through artful visualisations and intelligent storytelling.

Over the last four years, our fusion of data journalism and digital PR has earned our clients more than 50,000 media stories, with significant and sustained growth in brand awareness, social engagement and site traffic.

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To earn massive organic media coverage on a national or international scale, brands must now tell original and compelling stories that provide genuine value to the public on subjects they care about.

We use data analysis to reveal surprising facts about topics that relate to our clients, and showcase them through highly-shareable visuals and stories.

We use a PR outreach process honed over the last four years to pitch these unique stories to top-tier media outlets who are ready and waiting for fresh, interesting news.

The resulting coverage positions our clients as originators of the research and copious back links provide massive organic SEO benefits.

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Superdrug Online Doctor
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We make headlines

Our aim with every project is to unearth findings that capture the attention of the press because they promise to surprise, delight, shock, and educate the public. In 2016, our campaigns had more than 40,000 pickups and two million social shares.

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Campaigns in

Lonely Planet
The Guardian
Fast Company
The Huffington Post
Five Thirty Eight
Daily Mail
Daily Mirror
Los Angeles Times
The Telegraph
Business Insider
Tech Crunch
Yahoo News
Marie Claire
The Verge
Daily Express
New York Post
Men’s Health
Time Out

Superdrug 16-month results


Superdrug Online Doctor came to Fractl with the primary goal of improving their off-page SEO. 26 projects across a 16-month period resulted in more than 1.6 million social shares and 2,975 media stories, including placements in The New York Times, CNN, Yahoo and The Huffington Post.


Superdrug’s projects include viral hits like Perceptions of Perfection, which was viewed more than 3.5 million times on one news site alone.

Recovery Brands 3-year results


Fractl began working with Recovery Brands at an early stage of their business when a new site in a highly competitive niche needed more traffic, authority and social media attention. In the first year, our unique stories led to a 1,100% increase in organic traffic, 1,200 featured stories for a single project and traditional media coverage on TV and radio. Three years in, we’ve achieved 12,500+ media stories and been an instrumental part of the brand’s success.

Travelmath 10-month results


Travel is an ideal topic for telling fresh, compelling stories based on original research, but it’s also a highly-competitive online industry. The key to our success with Travelmath was choosing topics that were broad enough to have wide appeal, but still close enough to the brand to achieve the awareness and authority it was looking for.


Through three “Hygiene” projects, which got the topic balance just right, we achieved 266 dofollow links, 70,000+ social shares, plus TV and radio coverage seen and heard by millions.

eBay Deals 2-year results


eBay Deals, the daily deals section of eBay, approached Fractl for help with growing brand awareness and improving SEO for specific target categories. After achieving significant year-over-year growth in sales, SEO clicks and traffic, we were awarded contracts from several other eBay verticals, including fashion, motors and tech.


We have now completed more than 60 content marketing campaigns for eBay Deals which have been featured in 2,000+ media stories.

Our process

Strategy & Ideas


We begin by thinking of ideas for original explorations that match our clients’ values and target market and broadly appeal to a large audience.  A topic that is too niche is unlikely to achieve the level of coverage and interest we want, but one that’s too tangential won’t link closely enough with the brand.


An idea in the Goldilocks’ Zone has people saying “That’s fascinating! I’d love to know more. And it makes total sense that [brand name] are the ones letting the world know about it”.

Original Research & Analysis


Arguably the most important part of any Fractl project is the data at the heart of it. We always prefer to make our own data sets using original sources, or make use of existing data sets in original ways.


Our data scientists work in close collaboration with our data journalists to tease out the most compelling, original findings on any given topic through analyses that range from simple descriptive statistics to complex academic explorations.

Visualisation & Storytelling


Showcasing our findings in the right way is key to capturing the media’s interest and ultimately reaching target audiences. We use every data visualisation technique at our disposal to turn dry numbers into graphics that effortlessly communicate facts to readers.


We then wrap our visuals with copy that grabs attention and keeps it, from snappy sum-ups packed with humour, to longer-form journalistic stories that contribute new facts to important public conversations.

Promotion & Results


We promote every Fractl campaign using a process that is as data-driven as our campaign research; we recently analysed 26,000 Fractl PR pitches to determine the optimal formula for catching the attention of the press.


Once an exclusive is secured at a top-tier news publisher and syndicated for 4-6 weeks, we compile reports that track every placement, alongside domain authority, social shares and link types. We can therefore quantify success in meaningful ways.



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